Where is Your Dog

Man's best friend or greatest liability? I recently read an article about Upstate NY having a greater issue with dog bites than other areas of the country.  This made a great point regarding a homeowners responsibility to make sure their beloved pet is not a threat to the mail carrier.  That should apply not only to the mail carrier; but to the neighbor next door and very near and dear to me the real estate agent who is showing their home. Here is an excerpt from that article:

There are a few things the USPS wants dog owners to know:

If the animal is putting the carrier in danger, the Post Office will immediately stop your mail delivery and could stop delivery to your neighbors.

The dog owner is responsible for paying dog bite claims, which costs an average of $30,000.

In conclusion; if you are selling your home or thinking about selling your home and you cannot house your pet somewhere during the period of the listing, then please remove your pet during showings and if that is not possible please use a secure dog carrier or cage and notify the showing agent.  Too many times we have heard how friendly the dog is around people however, when that dog feels his home is being intruded he may react differently. Better safe than Sorry.


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