Let's Talk About Curb Appeal!

Curb appeal is important, not only when you’re trying to sell your house but all the time.  It adds value to your home while also making your neighborhood more aesthetically pleasing.  As summer whines down, there is no better time than now to make some small, relatively cheap, improvements to your home.  Here are some ideas to get your curb appeal on fleek this fall season, because we all want to have the cutest curb on the school bus route;)


1.) Mailbox: The first thing a person sees when they pull into your driveway is the mailbox, so what better way to freshen up your curb appeal then getting a fabulous mailbox.  After adding your new mailbox, keep it refreshed by adding a little garden around it or even adding decorations every season.


2.)Landscaping:  Landscaping is so important when it comes to curb appeal, be sure to keep up your landscaping throughout the year with clean-ups, plants, stonework and mulch.

3.) The Front Doorway: Welcoming your guests all starts when they walk through your front door, so you definitely want to make a good first impression.  What better way to put your best foot forward then to have a freshly painted door and doorway, a welcome mat, a wealth and even some potted plants to set the good vibes off in the right direction.


4.) House numbers:  House numbers are how people find your home so they should be well maintained and stand out.  A good way to insure that they do just that is to refresh them every few months or get new ones every few years.  You also can move the numbers around from year to year to keep the mailman guessing!


5.) Garage Door:  This is probably the most expensive upgrade on my list, but also a very important one.  There is nothing like a bad garage door to ruin an otherwise beautiful home.  Keep your garage door fresh by repainting the trim and cleaning the door every year and upgrading the door style when yours becomes dated.  When you do get a new garage door unit throw your old one up on craigslist, you can probably get a couple hundred for it!

6.) Light Fixtures:  Old or burned out light fixtures on the outside of your home are not the best look and they're a relatively cheap thing to upgrade and maintain.  Keep your light fixtures clean and free of cobwebs and be sure the light bulbs are in working condition.  Update old light fixtures by replacing them every few years or spray painting them to keep them looking young.

7.) Clean and Freshly Painted Shutters & Trim:  Make it a point to clean and paint your shutters and trim, it makes your home look crisp and well maintained and is a cheap and relatively easy way to add year round curb appeal to your home.



Here are a few more great sources on how to enhance your homes curb appeal:




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