Budgeting for the little things in your new home purchase!




When you meet with a lender to become pre-qualified you'll learn about the funds needed for your down payment and closing costs. Those are the major expenses, but don't forget that they aren't the only expenses.


If you're only moving across town and have both a circle of ambitious friends and access to pickup trucks, moving might not cost much more than gasoline and pizza for the crew at the end of the day.


If you're going to need a commercial mover, it would be a good idea to get an estimate of that cost now, so it doesn't come as a shock at the last minute.


Not all movers are alike, so get referrals if you can, and do check prices and terms from more than one mover. Make sure their policies and guarantees, including the delivery date, are in writing.


Next, remember that you may have to pay a fee to activate your phone, internet service, or cable television. If you plan to join a fitness center, will you need to pay a registration fee?


If your new home is larger than your previous home, will you need to invest in more furniture?


Will your new home need a few repairs or changes before or as you move in? Even a gallon of paint runs about $40 these days.


Will you need to spend a night or two in a hotel during the move? Will you need to eat most of your meals in restaurants? Allow for those expenses.


Small things do add up, so if you're just starting to think about owning a new home, start putting some money aside to handle the "incidentals" of moving.  Don’t forget to utilize your Coldwell Banker Prime Properties Realtor, we can provide tips, help with ideas and introduce you to some excellent home professionals who can take care of many of the things you may need to do.

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