Candy Decorations: A Sweet New Party Trend




Candy Decorations: A Sweet New Party Trend


Candy decorations seem to be the thing to have for parties now. In the North State area, candy bars — or buffet-style assortments of candy — are popping up at birthday parties and weddings. Want to make your own? Try these sweet ideas.

Candy decorations seem to be the thing to have for parties now. In the North State area, candy bars — or buffet-style assortments of candy that allow guests to help themselves to sweet treats — are popping up at weddings and parties for adults and children alike. According to an employee at Candy Tyme in Redding’s Mt. Shasta Mall, sales of colorful types of candy have increased as this trend continues. And it’s no wonder candy bars are taking off: From young to old, no partygoer can resist the feast for the eyes that is a colorful, well-done candy bar. Your candy decorations can enhance your party’s color scheme; you can also tailor your selection to suit the tastes of your guests or your guest of honor.

“Chews” Your Candy Decorations
From rock candy to saltwater taffy, your candy options are endless — as are your options for the way you choose to display your candy decorations. Whether you go for something elaborate and ornate or whimsical, the choice is yours. No matter what, you’ll have a fun and delicious addition to your event. Use your candy bar to help set the mood of your party. Need ideas? The photo below shows an example of how you can set up your own candy bar. This one was for a 30th birthday party, and the theme was “Why grow up?”

Birthday Party Candy Bar

Along with your display, make sure to include small bags guests can put their candy in; that way, once your guests have made their choice, the bags will allow them to take their candy home as a parting gift. Redding homeowners can find a variety of bags and candy choices at Party City.

A Candy-Themed Kids’ Party
If you’re hosting a children’s party, why not make candy the theme? Make your own lollipop decorations by painting cardboard circles and attaching them to thin dowels. These can be used to line the walkway into the house; you can also tack them to the walls of the party room. Smaller cardboard circles become balloons when attached to ribbon. To create a party atmosphere, tape these cutouts to the walls and ceiling. And you can wrap even smaller cardboard circles (or paper plates) in colored tissue paper and tie both ends to create decorations that look like wrapped candy.

Decorating the Cake
When you’re planning your candy-themed party, don’t forget the cake! A birthday cake can be completely covered in a variety of colored candy decorations, with jelly beans and other assorted candy spilling out over the cake table. This is a great way to have your candy and cake, too! After all, while the birthday cake is the centerpiece of the party, the candy is the element that makes your event every child’s dream party!

Image Source: Flickr/Corey Balazowich

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