The Art of Communication

Scenario: a buyer with an offer on the table has requested repairs. A trusted agent will find his clients receptive. After all, there is no guarantee another offer will be forthcoming. Is it really in the clients best interest to continue to pay taxes, mortgage payments and upkeep? Yet this rarely happens. Why?

A good agent knows the client agent relationship operates as a partnership grounded in friendship; trust is everything.  An example; information acquired by the agent must be shared with the client immediately. Communication is key. A client trusting of their agent shouldn't feel compelled to contact their agent asking what's going on or what's new. 

But we all know most clients do exactly that. These clients sense no partnership; and not being partners, they believe the agent feels no urgency in the sharing of information. Worse than that, these clients look at their agent as a temporary hired business associate, a necessary evil: certainly not as a trusted friend. 

Yet contrary to their interests and the interests of their clients, most agents do operate as a temporary business associate. I wonder at this; every step toward a deal, every bit of news, even good news, requires evidence, argument and proof beyond doubt be presented to the client. The effort expended and time wasted could easily be saved. Communication, friendship and trust.

Another example; less than pleasant news should never be withheld, not for a moment. News is news and should be communicated immediately. This breakdown in communication serves only to prevent any bond of trust from forming. The agent client relationship is, in this example, adversarial. How does this serve the interests of client or agent? The breakdown in communication that led to this breach of trust has both agent and client acting counter to what should be their common interest.

Adversaries bound by contract are unlikely to reach a deal. But even if the deal is reached, the failure to communicate and lack of trust make for a most unpleasant journey, one the client will not willingly repeat. Hence their next transaction will be with a different agent. I believe an agent doing his job not only strikes a deal but also completes the process having acquired a client for life.

Communication cements the ties that bind.

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