In real estate and life present us with many challenges, how we handle them will set apart the exemplary from the average.  This post is about an extraordinary little girl and how she handles challenges, I have been inspired by her and I believe you will be as well.

Her name is Leia, in 3rd grade she started having trouble in school, she is smart and works hard but she was struggling. It was discovered that she had dyslexia. This may have caused many to retreat into their shell or feel sorry for themselves but not Leia. Leia took this opportunity to try to help others, she wrote a book in order to help other children and their parents not to feel alone when they find out they have a different “learning style”, as Leia calls it.  Her book is titled Dyslexic Renegade by Leia Schwartz, her dream is to have the book in every classroom to help other kids. Her attitude and spirit have set her apart already there is little doubt that she will overcome whatever challenges are put before her in life.

Leia has done the hard part of writing this book, I challenge us to help her with her dream. I will be donating her book to the Greenville, NY, Rensselaerville, NY, Greenville Elementary and the Lennox Island, PE, Canada libraries. I hope to face my challenges in the future with the kind of strength and determination that Leia has.

Maryah Mac Donald

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