Things Agents Want You to Know


Things Agents want you to know...


Excerpts taken from article in "LinkedIn Pulse"


Want to sell quickly? Price it just under the market


In today's market, sellers are again optimistic on the value and price of their homes but buyers might not be feeling the same way.  A challenge as a seller is to price the house so that it is compelling to get it sold.



The preapproval letter is just the beginning

For many potential buyers, frugality ends the minute they get preapproved for a mortgage. Some may even start running up the cards and opening new lines of credit to buy things for their home-to-be.

But that preapproval letter is just one of the first refreshment stations of the homebuying marathon, not the finish line.

Just before closing, a lender will re-examine a prospective buyer's financial situation, complete with a recent copy of the credit history and other updated information.



Selling a house probably takes longer than you think


If you're selling a home, it's important to understand the timeline it takes to make this happen. Sometimes this process is misunderstood.

Realistic expectation is key otherwise it can add stress to an already potential rougher time in your life. Realize how long the process takes in the real world and plan accordingly. Another important factor to consider is different markets and pricing move at different speeds.

• Getting your home in shape: two weeks

• Average time on the market (consider variables of location and price): 2 1/2 to five months

• Negotiating after an offer: one week

• Preparing to close under normal closing conditions-30 to 45 days

 A savvy seller allows a minimum of four to six months to sell.

And that's if you have a home that's priced right in a good market with a solid offer that gets you to the closing table.



Not all 'buyers' are able to buy


To prove their worthiness, sometimes prospective buyers will show a prequalification letter. Remember a prequalification letter isn't the the same as a preapproval. Lenders usually don't verify buyers' information for prequal letters. Actual pre-approvals, on the other hand, involves third-party verification.

Prequalified means they've talked with a lender and said, 'I have good credit and I make X number of dollars a year. Based on that, the lender responds that the buyer can reasonably expect to borrow a certain amount, if those self-supplied facts are accurate and there aren't any negatives than they get a prequalification letter. Most lenders don't research those details until a buyer applies for the actual loan.

What the agent wants you to know: Serious/Smart buyers are "preapproved." That means they've already applied for the loan, the bank has verified their financial information and (if the numbers remain the same until closing) it promises to loan a specific amount at a specific interest rate.



Yes, it really does have to smell good


Sellers please don't drag your feet on the little details that make a big difference in selling your home. Clients ask if it really matters if we have the carpets cleaned or house cleaned thoroughly...YES IT MATTERS!

Sellers need to put themselves in the shoes of prospective buyers and take a look as if you are seeing the house for the first time.

The home should be kept showroom ready.

Agents want you to know a mess leaves an impression that's hard to overcome.

• Home: Clean. (And smelling good.)

• Temperature: Heated (or cooled) for comfort.

• Lights: Left on to welcome guests.

The impression you want for prospective buyers... warm, inviting and comfortable!



6.We will work very hard for you to sell your home


We work on commission that we share with the another Agent/and their Company that buys your home. We will always work hard to get your home SOLD! We will always keep you informed on what's happening throughout the entire transaction to the best of our abilities. We want you to be happy with our services and want to leave you completely satisfied with our customer service.

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