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Why You Need To Submit A Property Tax Appeal

 A well-researched appeal can slash your property tax bill! 

You are more than likely overpaying on your property taxes.  Recent studies have shown that a third of all homes in the United States are over assessed, causing families to overpay on their property taxes.

This may come as surprising news, especially because of the condition the housing market is in, but the truth of the matter is that property taxes have been increasing faster than the value of people’s homes.  

This is leading to an increase in home owners fighting back and appealing their property taxes.  Unfortunately, the success rate has not been encouraging to those savvy savers.  This is where companies such as come in.  For a small fee of only $99, they have been able to save people thousands of dollars consistently. 

PropTaxPros LLC does the difficult research and puts together a comprehensive report for home owners by following local jurisdictional rules to ensure they have top of the line comparables to present to the assessor’s office.  They have an extremely high success rate, and will save you more money than if you decide to embark on this difficult task on your own. 

The truth of the matter is appealing your property taxes is a difficult process, and it should be.  Property taxes are an essential part of local governments’ functions.  But that does not mean you as a home owner should be taken advantage of. 


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