As defined by Webster's: "politics, hence politic behaviour, politeness.  1. courtesy; politeness; consideration.  2. a polite act or utterance."

This definition was printed in 1960, and, until the current era, was to be considered correct.  Now, however?  A politic behaviour?  A courtesy? Politeness? Consideration? A polite act or utterance?

While each probably has a valid reason from his own perspective, I would like to know...The senator shouting at the President of The United States of America, the tennis stars "acting out" when they weren't good enough to win...the guy on radio as he tried to convince us we should ignore the anguish in Haiti...the list goes on.

I'm sick and tired of it all.

Let's all help each other by leading by example, perhaps, perhaps, they might start to get it.  We would be doing them a favor, we might actually help them put things in perspective. 

This would be on our part:  A politic behaviour, A courtesy, Politeness, Consideration, A polite act or utterance. 

In a word: Civility.


Peter Daly

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