Where were you 18 years ago today?


I know where I was 18 years ago today. I had just had a beautiful baby boy, Andrew! Reflecting back and wondering what has happened to the time? 

Since 1992, the real estate market has had many changes. When I bought my first home, interest rates had been coming down and we locked in a rate at 7.25%. That was a great rate! The inventory of houses on the market was very low and many of the houses that were on the market, that we could aford, needed a lot of work. We were first time homebuyers and didn't have much money for a down payment. There were no first time homebuyer programs from the government and the state to assist us.

Today, there are so many programs that are ideal for new homebuyers or homeowners who may be looking for a change.  I just learned about a great new program from Home Funding Finders, our mortgage company.  It is an Energy Efficiency Savings Program, you can wrap the amount of money you may need into your mortgage. This cannot exceed $8,000. The house can qualify to get new windows, doors, furnace, roof, appliances or anything that can be an energy saving for the consumer. To qualify for this program, the house is inspected by an energy inspector who will tell you what improvements you should make to be considered for this program.  This could save you hundreds of dollars in the long term. 

This is just one of many options available,and there are many different finance programs available for all comsumers. There are also many programs being offered if you currently own a home and are looking to save money on your energy costs. Watch for my links coming soon. There will be a series of links on ways to save energy.


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