I know that you hate the question!

Have you been PREAPPROVED or do you have PROOF OF FUNDS. These are questions some buyers hate to hear.

But these are critical 1st step questions that will tell a buyer which direction they are headed. We all want what we want, but CAN WE AFFORD what we want is the question. When an agent ask you, MR or Mrs Buyer these questions it does a number of wonderful things;

1. It brings your dreams down to earth, and settles quite nicely on the practical.

2. These questions have a way of conserving time, when your agent and you the buyer knows where you are financially, your Agent automatically will know where to start to look for that home of your dreams.

3.Last but not least it gives you and your agent peace of mind, because now you are on the road to home ownership or at least you have peace knowing, what you have to work on to get there.

So when an Agent ask you for your PREAPPROVAL LETTER or PROOF OF FUNDS take as a sign that first that Agent knows what he or she is doing and more importantly cares about your personal home search. 

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