Merry Christmas!

Does that offend you, well I 'm not sorry.  There are some  (fewer and fewer)who know the true meaning of CHRISTMAS. Who know the joy that CHRISTMAS is  not just receiving gifts from your fav Uncle, but the joy of giving to someone who CANNOT do for themselves. The true spirit of CHRISTMAS is not a stamped at Walmart or that 75 inch tv that there is no room on the wall to put it on. Giving is the Spirit of CHRISTMAS, a sacrificial giving that is rarely seen these days beyond holding a door or picking up something that fell out of an elders hand. We feel good about ourselves for the littlest things. But the true giver knows how to light up the eyes and feed a hungry soul and to clothes a naked heart, yes and to bind the brokenhearted. Are you a true giver this CHRISTMAS? Before all your money is gone go out or surf the net to find someone less fortunate than yourself and feed them, clothe them, give them something to drink, and give them shelter from the cold sacraficially. Our children have grown, so selfish that even the good ones think it's all about them, disregarding the world around them putting to death the words care share and helping. It will be a MERRY CHRISTMAS.  The joy will over flow for some, but if you spent the time read this blog, Please spend a little more time and money and give. Give to the poor, give to the under the bridge dwellers, and shopping cart pushers, the starving hurting and destitute. Your giving will mean so much more if you do.

Merry Christmas 

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