The Grumpy Buyer

     Once upon a time there was a grumpy buyer. Every house that he saw was to big to small or just not right at all. Realtor after realtor left the grumpy buyer cold. "I'm not putting up with this, they would say, or "I wasted enough time, on this grumpy old buyer". And so the grumpy buyer was about to give up, but then he met a professional... A REAL ESTATE AGENT in fact. The Agent sat the grumpy buyer down and took the time to listen to his desires for his new home.  The Agent, then had him sign a buyer/agent agreement, prequalified him, got his preaproval letter. 

 The Agent began to show him only the best homes, that met his criteria and that were within his financial means. And one day while showing the grumpy buyer a nice home... the grumpy buyer said, "This is it I've found my home" The Agent wrote up the offer (full price,mind you), it was accepted and closed in 45 days. And the grumpy buyer was no more, only a Happy Home Owner was left.

The moral of the story is be Professional, Listen to the Client, Prequalify, give the best service, but most of all be patient. It may lead to a sale!!!

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