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Searching for your next home? Try our state-of-the-art map search – with it you can quickly search the entire market. Simply type the address, city, MLS ID, or just hit the search button to get started. The large format map allows you to click and drag, zoom in and view detailed information and photos for all properties currently listed on the MLS.

Selling your home? No other website in the market will showcase your listing with up to 50 high resolution photos! In addition to advertising your property on my own website, I syndicate your listing to other real estate websites across the web.

Whether you are selling your home, searching for your next home, or have any questions about the process – I look forward to helping you!


“We had an amazing experience purchasing our first home with Ruthann! She was there for us every step of the way to answer questions, get things done quickly and efficiently, overall just a joy to work with! Thank you so much for making our first time home buying experience one to remember and refer!” -Tina Drago and Kelly Martin




Our agent Ruth Abrahamson was fantastic. She took us through the entire process and was there for us every step of the way.   

                     -James VanVranken


Ruth Ann was the greatest help to my husband and I, in finding our first home! As first time home buyers and planning a wedding in the mix, Ruth Ann was extremely patient and willing to look at as many houses as my now husband and I wished until we were happy! I highly recommend Ruth Ann as your realtor!          - Amber and Andrew Foster

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Professional Background

With over 30 years of sales experience, Ruth Ann understands it all starts by building trust and rapport while listening to what the client wants.   Committed to excellence in customer service, prompt follow-up and follow-through, she is dedicated to delivering the best real estate experience possible to YOU!

Why I started a career in Real Estate......

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Community Involvement

Volunteer Committee for annual Animal Protective Foundation spring Gala.

Attends Faith Baptist Church, Glenville. 


Personal Background

Raised in the beautiful southern Maine seacoast town of Kennebunk, Ruth Ann attended Kennebunk High School Class of '74 and went on to study Radiologic Technology at the University of Vermont graduating with an Associate of Science Degee.   She migrated to upstate New York when she married the love of her life, husband Bruce.  They are currently the proud parents of five "fur babies".

Professional Background

35 years experience in outside sales, both business-to-busines and direct.

Chairman's Club Achiever,  #1 National Sales Award Achiever - Fuji Medical Systems

Active Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay Inc. with honors to include Sales Director Queen's Court of Personal Sales, twice; and Sales Director Queen's Court of Sharing. 

Author/Illustrator of three children's Christian chapter books. 

Clinical Diagnostic Radiologic Technologist.



Associate of Science, University of Vermont

Licensed Real Estate Sales Person

Personal Interests

Enjoys biking, golf, flying, maintaining a beautiful home, and avid beach-walker.  Volunteer activities include support of a variety of local animal shelters. 

LESS-stress PACKING TIPS for you next move...

14 Packing Hacks From the Pros That Make Moving Less Awful

Moving. Is. Exhausting. But you can make it as seamless as possible with these pro tips.

Image: Liz Foreman for HouseLogic

New house: YAAAAY! Moving out of the old one: BOOOOO. Packing up, moving, and then unpacking an entire house is the worst.

Moving may never be a great time, but it is possible to cut down on the aggravation, effort, and anxiety and get back to the excitement of your new home.

We combed the internet and asked two professional organizers — Maria White, founder of the website “Enuff with the Stuff,” and Donna Smallin Kuper, author of “How to Declutter and Make Money Now” — to give up their secrets.

#1 Do a Pre-Pack Photo Shoot

Among the most mind-numbing hours of unpacking is trying to remember where all those cords behind the TV went and how you had that bookshelf so tidily arranged.

Save your fatigued short-term memory the grief by taking some pre-packing photos (of everything) so you’ll know exactly where it all goes when it’s time to empty those moving boxes. With photos in hand, you’ll be able to recreate it all in record time.

#2 Follow the $20 in 20 Minutes Rule

You know you have too much stuff. But when packing, who has the energy to make purging decisions? 

Smallin Kuper, who’s moved 11 times herself, warns that hauling along things you don’t love or need is the bigger waste. And the toss-or-keep decision can be easy when you apply Kuper’s formula: $20 in 20 minutes. “For smaller items, ask yourself if you were to need it again in the future, could you find it for under $20 in under 20 minutes. If yes, let it go.”

#3 Corral Cords With Toilet Paper Rolls

Once you’ve moved, you need extension cords. You know you have them, but where are they? And especially that heavy duty one you need for the drill so you can finally hang your pictures. Except where is it?!?!


Organize power cords when moving by using toilet paper rollsImage: Libby Walker for HouseLogic


One way to cut down on the jumbled mess of extension cords is to wind each cord up in a 6-inch coil, and insert each into its own toilet paper roll. You’ll have lots more room in the box, and no tangled mess to unpack later. Just remember to clearly label the box!

#4 Create a "Moving Toolbox"

Moving day can easily turn into moving week when you spend as much time looking for the packing tape and Sharpie as you do filling the boxes. 

Pack more efficiently with a “moving toolbox” where you keep your box cutter, tape, labeling markers, and other packing supplies in one carry-all that you can take from room to room. It’s easy to misplace small and essential items like these when your house is full of boxes and in disarray.


For smaller items, ask yourself if you were to need it again in the future, could you find it for under $20 in under 20 minutes. If yes, let it go.
Donna Smallin Kuper, moving expert


#5 Tape Appliance Cords to Their Homes

You could be scoping out the new neighborhood, but, instead, you’re running from appliance to appliance desperately trying to match them with the right power cord. 

Skip the electronic guessing games by taping the plug right to the appliance to which it belongs. And go check out that taqueria on the corner with your reclaimed time.

#6 Use Your Towels, Blankets as Packing Materials

Another way moving day gets frustratingly extended? Your third trip to the store to buy more bubble wrap.

Kudos on treating your breakables with care, but Smallin Kuper says you don’t need the store-bought stuff. Pot holders, oven mitts, and even those old paper and plastic grocery bags you were planning to recycle make great packing materials. Also consider towels, pillows, blankets, the kids’ stuffed animals — whatever’s soft!

#7 Color-Code Boxes

If you’re paying movers, really get your money’s worth by making it easy for them to deposit every box in the right room.


Color-coded moving boxesImage:


Assign a color to each room, then mark that color on the outside of each box. Before movers arrive, add the correct color label to each room’s door. They’ll love the simplicity, and you’ll love not having to haul everything that was supposed to go in the office out of the playroom.

#8 Keep Your Clothes in Their Drawers

Another way to cut down on boxes and the awful chore of unpacking: Don’t pack the clothes in your drawers. They’re already in a box!

Simply wrap the whole drawer in plastic wrap, and your drawer becomes the box. The same trick can work for hanging shoe racks, utensil organizers, and other container-type items.

#9 Use Garbage Bags to Move Clothes on Hangers

You’ve got hangers in one box, clothes in another, and it’ll take hours pairing them all back up again in your new closet.

Nope. Get all that time back by clustering groups of clothing together, then pulling plastic garbage bags up from the bottom and tying them at the top — twist ties work great for this. Layer these clusters together for the move and hang up as soon as you arrive.

#10 Give Liquids a Plastic Wrap

You spent all that time packing up your cleaning supplies box just to have the window cleaner spill during the move, destroying the box, soaking clothes in the neighboring one, and causing a huge mess in the middle of an already stressful day.

To prevent spills mid-move, uncap all household liquids — everything from toiletries to cleaning supplies — then cover the top with clear plastic wrap, and tightly reseal the cap.

#11 Cut Handles in Boxes

“This one isn’t heavy, it’s just awkward” is a phrase you’ll be tired of hearing by the time you’re settled into your new home.


Handle cut into a box for movingImage: Liz Foreman for HouseLogic


Cut out the awkwardness (literally) with a box cutter. Cut holes into the sides of cardboard boxes to create handles that’ll simplify lifting and carrying. Be sure not to make holes too close to the top, or on too-heavy boxes, or they could rip.

#12 Pack Boxes in Layers

No one in your family besides you knows the difference between a baking tool and a cooking tool, but that doesn’t mean unpacking the kitchen must fall to you.

“When packing the contents of desk or kitchen drawers, pack the box in layers of items from one drawer at a time,” says White. Put a piece of cardboard or other packing material between each layer to keep things from each drawer separate and ready to unpack.

#13 Keep Little Parts Together

Good luck going into Ikea and asking for all the parts to reassemble a bookshelf they discontinued three years ago. You know you’ll just end up walking out with a new one.

Storing all the hardware — including the specialty Allen keys required to work them — in sandwich bags and tape them directly to the item.

#14 Use Your Rolling Luggage as Boxes

Woe to the person who gets stuck carrying the boxes of books — or to you if your movers charge for extra heavy items.

Save your back or your wallet by repurposing rolling luggage to move heavy, sturdy items. And (bonus!) you won’t have to worry about packing the luggage itself.


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