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Stephanie Vogel

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

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Welcome to my website

  • Licensed Associate Broker

  • Full time agent with 13 years of experience

  • Serving Warren, Washington and Saratoga County

  • Member of Southern Adirondack Realtors Multiple Listing Service

  • Member of New York State Association of Realtors

  • Dedicated to helping you sell your existing property or finding the right property to buy

  • I come from France and can help you in any translation.

  • I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you in every step of the transaction.

  • Relocation assistance - buying or selling.

  • Cartus Broker Network certified agent

  • USAA certified agent




If you are relocating to or from the area, I can help!

Being a member of the Cartus Broker Network, I can help you relocate anywhere in the United States. I have the resources to find you one of the top agents in any area you are moving to.  Looking to make the transition as easy as possible?  Just click on the email at the top and send me  a message that you are moving and would like help finding the right agent at your new destination to help you. I will take care of the rest!



As first time home buyers we were looking for someone who would take the time to walk us through the process with patience and genuine kindness. We were lucky enough to have chosen Stephanie Vogel, she demonstrated all of these characteristics and more! I truly feel that without her the process of buying our home would have been much more complicated than it already was. She spent several hours dedicated to making sure we were on track, she went above and beyond countless times to ensure the sellers listing agent and attorney were being compliant with various tasks. Aside from her strong sense of urgency her availability was remarkable. She responded to my inquiries almost always immediately. We will be recommending her to any family and friends in the future with high hopes of a satisfactory experience!      

Gregory C.


Stephanie Vogel gave me very personal service. She went out of her way to accomodate my busy schedule and find the perfect house.

Melinda P
Our agent, Stephanie Vogel, was great!! She really went above and beyond for us and was very responsive to us when we had questions. We will be sure to recommend her to family and friends.
Robert H.
Friendly and very active in obtaining clients to view the property.
Joseph G.
Friendly, up front with information about the properties we were looking at.
Stephen H



You need me!!

Prepare your house


 All sellers expect to get top dollar for their home.  While this is ideal, it doesn't magically happen.  Buyers who are willing to pay top dollar have high expectations regarding the condition of a home they are considering buying.  With some time and effort you can meet these expectations and reap the benefits.  Not only will you increase the value of your home, but your home will most likely sell faster than others on the market that have not had the effort put into them.

 If you don't want to do the work yourselves, call Sheila Kibler, our Director of Concierge and Client Services at 518-640-4016, and she will recommend any of our screened vendors, who have the same excellence of service as Coldwell Banker Prime Properties, to do the work for you!



Mentally prepare for the sale. You are selling a piece of Real Property; it is a business transaction. You aren’t selling your memories. You are not selling your home; you are selling the house you have lived in.  You must emotionally detach yourself from your home.   Sure, you may have accumulated a lot of great memories over the years and maybe you love all the little quirks, cracked moldings and partially finished “home Improvement” projects in your house.  Unfortunetly, prospective buyers will not love them or overlook them and may not be able to get past them. They have no attachment to your house and are not concerned that you an emotional attachment.  If you want prospective buyers to make an offer on your home, you have to get it in the best shape you reasonably can and depersonalize it so they can see themselves living there. You want as many buyers as you can to view your home, decide it is the one for them, and bring you an offer.



Sorting, getting rid of clutter & preliminary packing. The goal here is to make your home appear more organized, more spacious, and to get a jump start on packing.


-Get boxes- lots of them, and some garbage bags too.


-Set aside boxes for charity or a garage sale, boxes of things you're going to take to your new home and boxes/bags for garbage.


-Be ruthless!  If you haven't worn it, or used it in years, get rid of it!  Same goes for clothes that are dated or don't fit, books you'll never read, magazines, dishes, extra blenders, outgrown toys etc. Donate them to charity knowing you are helping someone else.

-Pack up all family photos, sentimental items, knick knacks, out of season clothing, and things you can do without until you move.

-Go through this process for every room, closet, the basement, and the garage.

-Haul off all the donate items to a charity who will take them and get a tax receipt.

-Hold a garage sale.

-Consider renting a storage unit, getting a POD, or borrowing space in a friend's garage to store the boxes of items you have packed up for the move.  Piling them in your own garage or basement will make the space seem cramped. As a client of Coldwell Banker Prime Properties, you can get a discount wtih PODs or use one of our moving and storage companies to help with the de-cluttering process.



Clean, no I mean REALLY CLEAN!  Now that you've gotten rid of all the clutter it's time to bring on the elbow grease!

-Start from top to bottom so gravity doesn't dirty up where you've already cleaned.

-Light fixtures: clean and make sure they all have working bulbs.

-Windows: inside and out, screens, tracks and sills.  Wash curtains and thoroughly clean all blinds.

-Walls and ceilings: wash and remove all scuff marks.  Try a magic eraser for tough areas- they really work wonders.  Don't forget the baseboards.

-Closets: wash the walls, get rid of any odors, hang everything up neatly, fold things carefully, clear off the floor, and if you want to go the extra mile, group like colors together.

-Kitchen: Clean the cupboards, inside and out. Clear everything off the counters to make it appear spacious. No appliances, spice racks, oven mitts, etc. allowed!  Clean the backsplash, the appliances- inside and out, use a mild bleach solution to get rid of stains on the counters and in the sink, and make sure all the chrome surfaces like the faucet sparkle.

-Bathrooms: clean dirty grout, clean out and organize the cupboards, make sure there isn't a spot of mold, mildew, or lime scale anywhere, clean the toilet- inside and out, make sure the counter tops, sink and taps shine.  Put away everything: buyers don't want to see hair appliances, beauty products, toothbrushes,  extra rolls of toilet paper etc.

-Wash the floors.  Do this by hand so you can get into the corners, behind the toilet etc.

-Vacuum the carpets and consider having them professionally cleaned if you haven't had it done in awhile.

-Wash all throw rugs and bathmats.

-Bedrooms: Dust all furniture, make sure your bed is made and your linens are clean.  Don't leave hampers visible and clean all clothing and everything else up off the floor. Make sure to put away all the things that accumulate on your dressers: spare change, receipts, hair brushes etc.

-Basement: since you've already cleared out the clutter you can sweep the floors, wipe the dust off the furnace and air it out if it's damp.

-Garage: Clean and sweep to make it appear as large as possible.

-Outside- power wash decks and siding. Clean your front door, steps etc.



The finishing touches. Now that your house is free from clutter and sparkling clean, it's time to address decorating and minor repairs and updating.


-Consider the colours throughout your home.  It's easier for buyers to picture themselves living in your home if the colours are light and neutral.  If you are unsure of what colour to choose, consider dropping by your local hardware store.

-Pick up some fresh, plush towels for the bathrooms to add a touch of luxury, but don't use them!

-Many people have too much furniture. Make your rooms feel more spacious by paring down. Store bookcases and extra chairs.  Make sure rooms are easy to maneuver without excess furniture impeding the flow.

-Make sure the outside of your house is inviting.  This is especially important because buyers who are turned off by the exterior may choose not to come inside.  Plant flowers, weed and prune overgrown gardens, trim your bushes, make sure your grass is cut in the warmer weather and the snow and ice is cleared from the sidewalks in the cold.

-Replace special items that you plan on taking with you. If you are particularly attached to your chandelier, for instance, keep it out of sight and out of mind.  You don't want to get a buyer's heart set on something she can't have and blow the whole deal over it.

-If your bedspreads are worn out, consider replacing them.

-Oil the squeaks out of hinges and make all those little repairs that you never got around to, like the running toilet, leaky faucet etc... Buyers notice these things.

-If your kitchen hasn't been updated in decades, give it an inexpensive facelift by painting the cupboards (again, consult the experts) and replacing the countertops.  This is a very cost effective way to appeal to buyers.

-Fix the things that need fixing!


 Setting the Mood


Now that you've gone through the list, you can pat yourself on the back because all the hard work is done.  The only thing left is optimizing the showing experience for prospective buyers.


-Turn on all the lights, even the lamps to make your home appear more spacious.

-Play soft music at a low volume.

-Bake something delicious so your house smells great.  Or course, the opposite is also true- avoid strong cooking smells, like onions, garlic, fish and curry before showings as well.

-If baking isn't your thing, use a room scent.


We as Realtors want to get you the most money when your house sells. Selling a home is a team effort. If you put in a little sweat equity at the start of the sale property we can get to the SOLD sign faster. If you need inspiration or what to check to see if your house is in the “top dollar” category, check out some pictures on Pinterest or Houzz and see how you stack up. When you sell a house and want top dollar, you need to channel your inner Martha Steward and hide your Al Bundy side.

Home sweet home!


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