Radio to Real Estate - Why My Experience Works For You!

For over three decades I described myself as a "DJ/On Air Announcer", a career that I was passionate about, successful at, and looked forward to doing everyday.  However, it didn't allow me any control over my schedule or my earnings potential.  So I decided to take a leap of faith into another industry that had always intrigued me and I had visited over the years.  After 33 years as a radio DJ, I dived head first into Real Estate.

How do you give up 33 years of experience in one career to become a novice in another?  
In my case it wasn't that difficult because the underlying skills to be successful in both Real Estate and Radio are the same.

Meeting New People!  Whether working an open house or working a radio appearance I am presenting myself and a lot of information to a variety of new contacts.  In Radio, each person at an event is a potential new listener who can boost ratings.  In Real Estate, each person at an open house is a potential buyer who can be the perfect match for the property/seller.  My years of expertise and comfort in this type of environment allows me to easily connect with clients and customers.  Just as people listen to people they like, people buy from people they like and that all begins with the ability to connect.

Marketing!  Marketing is such an advanced skill which I honed during my years in the broadcast industry. The result was hundreds of successful marketing campaigns locally, nationally and internationally - and now I bring that to the table every day for your real estate needs.  I understand how to reach your potential pool of buyers with an effective, multi-faceted marketing strategy that produces the right match for your home with fewer days-on-the-market.

Communication!  I am an expert communicator and to be an expert you have to communicate on many levels. I engage people in conversations which is not just talking, it's listening to a person's wants and needs, getting to the heart of their motivation in the real estate process and working towards the best possible outcome.  And of course, clear, concise, prompt communication always helps to avoid misunderstandings and potential conflicts during a very stressful process.  

I truly believe my decades of success in radio enhances my ability to bring success to your real estate transaction.  Let's start a conversation today!


Susan Kaucic

Susan Kaucic

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