The Anxiety and Excitement of Your Next Move!

I know the anxiety and excitement of a move.  What is the new area like? Are you going to find something affordable?  Is it in a nice location?  If you have children, what about the schools?  As a military spouse, I asked these questions a lot because we moved a lot!  My husband and I even scheduled our wedding as a stop-over in my hometown as we moved from one military base to another.  We had "homes" for as little as 3 months with the longest being three years. There were times items never even got unpacked! I felt like an expert in movers, cleaners, inspections and contracts.  And I learned quickly that the coffee pot NEVER went with the movers.  Trust me, it was one off the first things I plugged in before any unpacking began!

But regardless of how comfortable I became with moving, each one was an incredibly unpredictable time in our lives, especially as we added to our brood.  

A young couple arriving in England, learning the terms and requirements for housing overseas - leaving 95% of our personal belongings in storage in the US since most rentals come fully furnished and were considerably smaller.  But they didn't come with appliances.  Our US appliances wouldn't work due to the electrical differences.

A family of four moving to a German village where bathrooms with showers weren't the norm, nor were dryers,  and your bedrooms could be on three separate levels in your quaint house that might be three centuries old with "a few" upgrades and many "original to the house" features.

A family of five moving to Washington, D.C. for a short term assignment (three months).  We only retreived the essentials from storage and then had the movers repack those when it was time to move again.

And then, after my spouse retired from the military, we moved to Niskayuna, NY where we purchased our dream home which had the square footage, open floor plan, and great neighborhood that we had envisioned walking through the Parade of Homes as a young couple so many years before.  

So yes I have quite a few moves under my belt and have dealt with new surprises with each one.  But I don't approach the possibility of another move with anxiety anymore because I'm kind of an expert at it, and I would love to use my expertease to assist you in finding your dream home.

By the way....we've finally completely unpacked!

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