CLUE - Why You Need to Get One

What exactly is CLUE?  It's kind of like a CARFAX for Houses. 

Clue stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange

Not many people have heard of CLUE, but this little known database can cause you a world of headaches.   Claims you file - sometimes even inquiries about your coverage that don't result in a claim - can appear causing your insurance "score" some serious trouble.  Claims stay on the report five years from the date the loss is reported and may include losses for a property before you owned it.
The CLUE report and the insurance scoring system are tools insurers use to decide your risk profile (how likely you are to file a claim).    Insurers feed information about paid claims - perhaps even inquiries about coverage that don't result in a claim - into a national database for use by insurers.  This info, along with your insurance score, makes up your risk profile.

Insurers use the profile to decide whether you get new insurance. At renewal time, your current insurer will probably review your claims history as well as your current insurance score to set your premiums - even to decide if you get to keep the insurance you have. When you shop for new insurance, the company may order a CLUE report. If information is inaccurate, you can be left without insurance while you work to correct the errors.

The CLUE database enables homeowner and automobile insurers to exchange information - without notice to you unless your state requires notice- about claims for loss of property. The CLUE report also shows the new insurer information about claims you filed under your previous insurer's policy.  It might include information about inquiries you make, even if a claim was never submitted or paid. To find out if this practice is prohibited in your state, contact your state insurance agency. You can find contact information at

CLUE reports aren't limited to homeowners' claims.  Property loss claims made against automobile insurance policies as well as homeowner's insurance are also part of these reports. Automobile and homeowner's claims are maintained in separate databases, and CLUE reports are issued separately based on the type of insurance.

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