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The other day I decided it was time to pull out some shrubs that had passed their prime.  I asked my brother if he would help me (translation:  pull them out for me).  He said "Sure - but make call Dig New York first."

To pull out shrubs?  Yes - to pull out shrubs.  Wow.  It never crossed my mind that something as simple as pulling out shrubs could have resulted in a huge mess and a very nasty fine.

Dig New York was established in 1968 and is a preventative measure to ensure that gas lines, etc. are not disrupted during any excavating - no matter how large or small.

The number to call is easy - 811.  When I called, I was asked when I planned on starting the job and was given a window of how long the clearance would be granted (about ten days). 

Dig New York also advised that Time Warner, MCI, Verizon, the Town of Colonie and National Grid would all be coming out to either mark areas or give clearance.  I was asked to spray paint which shrubs we'd be digging out so there'd be no confusion when the locators stopped by. 

The call took less than three minutes, and I received telephone and e-mail confirmation of clearance. 

Happy landscaping!

Suzanne Prezio

Suzanne Prezio

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