Renting? Know your rights!

Just heard about an interesting book,  "Renters' Rights" from the legal experts at Nolo Press. The authors are lawyers who explain arcane laws in a way that the everyday Joe can understand.

You'll get tips on how to explain a not-so-stellar credit report, how to negotiate the amount of your security deposit, what to do if your roommate isn't living up to his share of the deal (short of tossing him off the roof), how to understand that you probably can't have a steel drum band in your living room and other limits on your behavior, and the times and reasons that a landlord can enter your apartment.

You'll find a sample letter you should write when you finally get your apartment (mentioning the fact that the landlord has agreed to your having a set of Dobermans, along with the deposit he's agreed to waive. In short, there is a chapter or long paragraph on just about every situation that arises when you rent a house of apartment. All in terms you'll understand,

You may not find a saintly landlord or property management company, but at least you'll be able to figure out how to exercise your rights.

"Renters' Rights" is a 260-page soft cover book. To order, send $20, plus $6 for shipping, to WashingtonCD, PO Box 351531, Los Angeles, CA 90035, or online at

Courtesy of RISMEDIA, July 15, 2010 via the Lowes website

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