Staging - It's Just Common Sense!

Did you know staging really took off during that period when the market was insane.  Buyers were scratching and clawing and sellers were putting their homes up for sale in record numbers.  The "supply and demand" theory was seriously put to the test!

What could a seller do to make their home stand out?   We all know that price is the thing that will make people push their agent out of the way to run back to the office and get a contract written.  It seemed as though price wasn't really an issue during those chaotic years, so what would give sellers that upper hand?  Making it more attractive and the hands-down best value over the competition.

Fast forward to 2011.  Even though our Capital Region market is strong, homes are sitting longer.  Buyers just aren't pulling the trigger as fast.  So what can a seller do to impress a buyer enough to actually put pen to paper and make an offer?  

Here are some tips that may just get you celebrating, packing and heading out the door to the next page in your journey! 

Declutter.  Throw it away, give it away, pack it away.  Just get rid of it!

Simplify.  Clean lines.  Open rooms.  No knick knacks, trophies, family photos.  Think "hotel clean."  

Welcome to 2011.   I'm not saying you have to renovate your home and put in a new bath or kitchen, but new appliances are certainly a plus.  Maybe it's time to get rid of the harvest gold counter and put in a new  counter (doesn't have to be granite - laminate will suffice) with some new jewelry for your cabinet doors.  Bathroom light fixtures look like something that should be in the Smithsonian?  I think you get the picture...

Don't make something what it isn't.   I've said this before, a dining room that used to be a bedroom?  A closet that was a enclosed porch?  Unless you can really pull this off, make sure the buyer doesn't have to guess what the room is "supposed" to be.  Stage the room accordingly and make sure you renovations are top-notch.  

Vacant rooms don't show well. Buyers aren’t very imaginative.  Put some furniture in a room so the buyers can get a feel for how furniture will fit.  

Neutral, neutral, neutral.   My former home had a cranberry foyer.  I thought it was the bomb.  In hindsight, it probably cost me an extra three months on the market.  Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.  Buyers don't want projects and color equals projects.  

Room to move.  Buyers usually bring a few people with them.  If hallways and foyers seem "tight" the house will appear too small.   

Neat, clean closets.   You'll want to give the illusion of space.  If your linen closet is stuffed to the point of having to hold a shoulder to the door to get it closed...

Eight seconds.   That's the time it takes for a buyer to determine whether they like a home.  It all starts with curb appeal.  If they don't like the outside, they may not even want to go in.  That means checking for spider webs, bird's nests, rotting molding, dirty front doors.  Swept stairs, fresh blooming plants, painted railings.  You know the saying "You only get one chance to make a first impression."  

The camera doesn't lie.  Over 90 percent of people start their home search on the internet.  If your photos aren't impressive, the buyers will skip over your home faster than Charlie Sheen's career is tanking.  

If you'd like an honest assessment of your home, certainly call me.  A staging consultation is typically a minimum of $200.   I'll be happy to meet with you free of charge.  Check out the testimonials on my page,  You'll see happy clients who got results!

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