Sump Pump - Bad Sign or Smart Prevention?

I have had buyers look at me with skeptism and say "Oh, there's a sump pump in the basement!  There must be water problems."  My response has always been "You'd be a fool NOT to have a sump pump."  Better to have one and never use it than need one and wish you had put one in.

Many people have disagreed with me, but today, I finally received some validation!  Peter Hotton, "the Handyman On Call," writes a very informative column in the Times Union's real estate section every Sunday.  Today, he answered a question from someone who wanted to know whether they should put in a sump pump.

Mr. Hotton responded:  "Great question , which I have been afraid to face since my own flooding.  I did buy a utility pump, which will work in a pinch.  But a sump (hold in the floor) and pump could cost up to $1,000 installed by a professional.

The last two storms came right on top of each other-and are called 50-year storms.  I call them a perfect storm, which may not happen for another 40-50 years. 

Or next month.

So, what are the odds when another incident occurs?  It did happen, and will be sure to happen again.  Your risk is when.  If you are going to be in the house for the rest of your life, or it will remain in your family, then spend the $1,000.  Then you don't have to worry about anyting but a power failure.  Of couse, you can always get a battery back up."

Money well spent.

Suzanne Prezio

Suzanne Prezio

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