This is what Texting and Driving Looks Like

So I'm stopped at a red light Monday night thinking "Hmm, what am I going to order when I meet up with the family at Applebee's?"  Next thing I know, I'm sliding into the SUV in front of me.  The driver in the jeep behind me had been texting and hit me at full force.

Neither of my front doors would open, and I had to climb out the back seat.   I can barely blink and breathe at the same time, so this was something to see, I am sure.

Unless you are giving life saving CPR instructions, what could be so important that you must text while driving?  NYS recently implemented a law  - texting while driving will earn you 5 points on your license and a $150 fine.

Fortunately, my Mazda, while a total loss, did its' job, absorbed the impact and allowed me to walk away from this accident. 

Please pass this on to everyone you know.  It may save a life.

Suzanne Prezio

Suzanne Prezio

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