Well, That Makes "Scents."

Earlier this week, I had to make a trip to the mall.  I had to kill some time before an appointment, so I decided to poke around at Yankee Candle.  While I was there, an oddly creative idea popped into my head.  I assure you, "creative" is not one of the top 100 words used to describe me. 

As I was appreciating the enticing scent that whafted through the store, I thought "I wonder if there's any kind of 'cheat sheet' to suggest burning two fragrances at once to create the mack daddy of all candle scents."  I'm thinking the dieter's version of Jelly Belly combos. 

Sure enough, there's always someone one step ahead.  I asked and was presented with three pages of typed, single spaced Yankee Candles "mixology" suggestions.   Welcome to every combo from "Peach Cobbler" to "Sangria" to "Rainbow Sherbet".    Woodsy, beachy, fruity, intense - there's something for everyone.

Looking for an easy way to create a pleasant atmopshere?  Check out your local Yankee Candle store or e-mail me and I'll send you the list.



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