Your Neighbor's Home May Cost You Money

You  know the house I'm writing about.

Standing - barely.  Painted, well, what's left of the paint.  Broken windows.  Over-grown shrubbery,  Waist-high grass.

Now imagine living right next door, or across the street from that!

Run down, delapitated homes are not necessarily a sign of laziness or defiance.  Often times we see a homeowner who has landed on tough times.  Whether it be health related or financial distress, maintaining a home takes time and money.

Try the gentle approach.  You get more with honey, right?  Knock on your neighbor's door and ask if everything is okay.  Your neighbor may be dodging you out of embarrassment.  Most people don't like to tell the neighbors they can't afford to paint their home.  If it turns out your neighbor has been dealt a bad hand, gather up some neighbors or friends and pitch in and help the guy out.  He'll feel better, you'll feel better and everybody wins.

Say the nice guy approach doesn't work and you're met with hostility?  Before you go charging over with a lawn mower or weed killer, please note you can be arrested for trespassing. You know that saying about the road to evil?  Well, your good intentions can result in your being slapped with a hefty fine.  So stay off your neighbor's property!

When you feel your blood boiling, call the authorities.  If your neighbor is in violation of any local codes, your town/city officials will handle the situation.  If they are not...fences make good neighbors. 

If you are trying to sell your home and your neighbor simply won't cooperate - unfortunately, you will have to price your home to reflect the eyesore on the block.  Pricing your home ten percent less than you would have may be an effective strategy.  Be prepared to hear "We love the house, but the house next door...."   Don't mislead the buyers - let them know the condition of the house is consistent. 

It may take some time, but you will find if you price your home realistically, a sale will be in your future.

Suzanne Prezio

Suzanne Prezio

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, CBR
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