The gloomy rainy damp days of April have to eventually give way to the spring like sunny days of May and June whether we carp and complain or not. We all moan about the weather, the market, the the economy, the state of the world and the general sense of life these days... often times with good reason. We wonder how the idiotic actions of a fanatic few can disrupt the world and cause untold grief and pain on so many innocent people. People out to just enjoy themselves watching friends and family members running for their own enjoyment, the teams running for non profits or just for the spirit of being a part of another great American tradition in the Boston Marathon. what causes someone wanting to make a "statement" thinking that they will make any sort of a difference in the world by blowing up innocent people? We are  a world running amok. I  don't usually use this place  to rant, but you just look around and say "what the....???"

We long for a time when the world was a kinder gentler place, where kids rode their bikes, and no one worried if you left the house with brown bag packed with lunch and went off on an adventure for the day as long as you were home for dinner. We had no cell phones, i phones, i pads, You had a dime in your pocket to make an emergency phone call if you needed to, otherwise you went off to explore. We discovered a world limited by our imaginations, we actually had to think for ourselves, invented games on our own and played for hours with friends... we talked to one another, laughed, sometimes skinned our knees and elbows and cried, but picked ourselves up, wiped away our tears and carried on to vanquish the villans and the good guys won the day.

Perhaps it was the naivete of youth, after all the Cold War was going on around us, we were having "Duck and Cover" drills in elementary school and talks of air aid shelters and the Vietnam "Conflict" abounded at the dinner table. But there was still something safer... maybe it was Mom and Dad, maybe it was "home" or maybe it was the ignorance of not having everything so near to us that all of the great technological advances have brought us.

I have no idea. I do know only that eventually, May will come, the flowers will bloom, warm weather will come and wounds will heal. In the meantime our thoughts and prayers are with you Boston.

William Kellert

William Kellert

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