Hard to believe that the summer is over and we are almost to Halloween. Apple picking is in full swing and the dreaded leaves are falling all over our well manicured lawns. Whatever the season, it seems to me that folks are always complaining about what we have, what we missed or what's ahead. (Well, truth be told, the idea of snow, sleet, ice and salt all over the shoes and boots doesn't exactly thrill me.)

Much like the homes we live in, be it the suburbs, an apartment in the city, or a mobile home on some wooded lot in the midst of nothing and near no one, we need to be thankful for what we have now. It is always fine to look to the future with an eye for positive growth, that next "great thing," upscaling or downsizing. It's important to look backwards sometimes to remember where we came from and learn from the trip along the way.

Whatever your situation might be, just take a deep breath and remember that things can always be worse and can always get better. Conversly, sometimes we don't realize just how good we have it.

Now, if I can only train the leaves to fall into neat little piles, life would be perfect!

Happy fall!

William Kellert

William Kellert

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
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