Happy Spring

If it was two days later I would have to say this is a horrible April Fool's Day joke. Why is it still snowing? This is the time if year when the Robins return, the tulips begin to bud and the trees start to come back to life. Instead, everyone is still hunkering down for the long cold grey winter!

It is also the time of year when homeowners begin to get their properties ready to put on the market... Spring cleaning, if you will. Buyers should be coming forward now to search out their next investment. Oddly, we are seeing that. Houses are beginning to come on the market and buyers have definitely begun to start that search. If you're in one of those modes, I would love to help assist you in your plans. Spring will be here soon... it is already begun on the calendar! The birds will start to sing, the flowers will begin to bloom and homeowners and home buyers will be collecting their cartons to begin the process of packing up and making a new shift.

Give me a call and let me lend a hand with the process!

Happy Spring!

William Kellert

William Kellert

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
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