Is anyone at home?

Do you ever wonder if any one ever hears you when you speak? Kind of like that old adage of a tree falling in the woods and if no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise.  There is so much clutter in the world today, that you are often certain, or at least, I am often certain,  that the only one who hears when I me. That presents itself with a whole other set of issues... if not for me than for whom and if just for me, than why bother!

We are all trying to be heard in this world. Some voices are loud, some not so... sometimes the softest voices come through the loudest, and many times the quietest ones are the ones that should be heard.

Take a moment and listen to yourself BEFORE you speak... is it something that deserves to be said or are you better off thinking it and letting it go. Silence speaks volumes and sometimes, silence is is infinitely more compelling then noise.

Then again, when you do speak, does any one even hear? That's my dilema. I wonder if I am writing this  to appeas my own sense of ego? Is anyone reading this blog? Does any one even care? Well, either way, it satiates a desire of mine to write. If you share this great, if not, then if not for me than for whom?

Enjoy the sunshine and the summer smells and and sounds and sights.

Until the next time....


William Kellert

William Kellert

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