It's Just a House

The great thing about the real estate profession is, is it never dull, never boring and never the same. For me, the highlight of this biz, is helping to make a person's dream a reality. With every dream, one tends to wonder if the next one will be better... Home buying is much the same as dating. When you find the one that's right for you...STOP LOOKING! There will always be one more guy to date, another girl seek out, and the same is true with buying a home.. tomorrow another group of fresh properties will surface, and there will possibly be another perfect spot for you to settle. At some point however you need to say, this is it and walk away happy. Occasionally the dream can become a nightmare.

I recently worked with a family to find them the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. They had a list of some nonnegotiables, then the rest was pretty much a non issue. We found the right house, in the right neighborhood negotiated the right price, had the inspections, locked into a fabulous mortgage rate then all Hades broke lose! First one then the other began over thinking the situation. the contract was cancelled and reinstated four times in forty eight hours. Ultimately they talked themselves out of a great deal.

 Most people would have "cut them lose" at that point..I however, believe in facing a challenge head on. We will, for a while, continue the hunt, and I am confident that by the time the school year is upon us, they will happily ensconced in their right home. Clearly this wasn't it... it just shouldn't be that hard... perhaps as a realtor, I shouldn't be saying this, but it is just a house!  No one has asked to have you cut off an arm or leg.. the home buying process has glitches and can be challenging at times but over all it needs to be an exciting and HAPPY time for the buyer.

As long as the birds are singing, the sun is shinning and the flowers are in bloom.. there is always tomorrow.. and as Scarlet O'Hara once said.. tomorrow is another day! Enjoy.. and if I am able, I would love to make that journey a happy one for you too.


William Kellert

William Kellert

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
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