January: contary to popular opinion, now's the time to buy or sell

It's hard to believe that as I sit here writing this the temperature has reached the mid 40's and it is the middle of January.. Home sellers procrastinating until the "good weather" is here.... it is here now! What a great time to list your home... the inventory is relatively low and the buyers are coming out in strength.

We think of winter as a time to hibernate and coccoon ourselves until the spring thaw. We aren't bears! Get out there, talk to me and let's get a jump on the spring market. Getting your home on the market today gets a huge jump on all the bears just waiting for a better day. Today is the that better day.

And for those of you looking for a new home, I would say that now is a great time to begin that search. Bargains are plentiful and while inventory is huge, there are certainly enough homes to fill everyone's needs.

Let's not wait until we are knee deep in white stuff... we can get your home sold or find you the dream home you're looking for.

William Kellert

William Kellert

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
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